Personal Development & Wellness Workshops
for Adults (16+)

A Day of Fun and Connection With Horses

It’s been a long few years and a busy summer. This full day workshop is for those of us looking to have some fun and build new relationships. Be yourself, embrace the moment, laugh out loud, and shine brightly. You won’t want to miss this one!

Connect with Your Authentic Self Workshop

Connect with Your Authentic Self

Sometimes we get so busy and caught up going through the motions that we lose touch of who we are on the inside. This workshop is designed to help you connect with your inner self; Recognize and celebrate who you are; Learn to live according to your true self; Let your inner light shine brightly and unapologetically! If you’re looking for a deeply moving and meaningful day of soul connection and transformation, then this workshop is for you.

Mental Health & Wellness Workshops
Adults 16+

Take Back Your Life! Calming Anxious Thoughts and Feelings Workshop

Take Back Your Life! Calming Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Everyone was feeling a little more anxious during the pandemic, but now that the pandemic is over, some of us are having a harder time than others reintegrating. This workshop is designed for those who are struggling with anxiety. We’re taking evidence-based CBT, ACT, and DBT strategies and practicing them with horses to give you an experiential workshop where you can practice calming your anxious thoughts and feelings. Learn to live in the present moment and breathe with ease again in this two-day workshop. As the horses would say – It’s time to get back to grazing!

Depression: Loosening the Reins. Find yourself & Connect again. Workshop

Depression: Loosening the Reins. Find Yourself. Connect Again.

This two day workshop is for those of us who are having a hard time motivating ourselves to get out of bed, go to work, and spend time with others. You want to feel better but you’re not sure how. Everything feels like a struggle.

This workshop is based on CBT, ACT, and attachment strategies to help you reconnect with yourself, challenge self-sabotaging beliefs, and connect with others in a meaningful way again.

It’s easier to connect with horses than people. They’re truly non-judgemental and they’re 100% okay with you showing up just as you are. If you can connect with them, it’ll be easier to connect with others. But it’s up to you to take the first step.

Relationships & Social Skills Workshops

Adults 16+

Building Meaningful Relationships - Connecting with Your Heart

Building Meaningful Relationships: Connecting with your Heart

This Two-Day Workshop is designed to help you learn skills and strategies to develop meaningful connections and relationships with others. Horses are herd animals… they have so much to teach us about how to connect with others. You’ll have an opportunity to practice the skills you learn with the horses, before taking them home to use with partners, coworkers, family and friends. Sign up individually, or with your partner, child, friend or colleagues.

Healthy Boundaries: Learning to Respect My Needs and Yours - Workshop

Healthy Boundaries: Learning to Respect My Needs & Yours

It’s hard to know how to balance our needs with those of the people around us. When should we lead and when should we follow? What happens if our needs conflict with someone else’s?

Horses are AMAZING teachers of boundaries. They can teach us both how to set boundaries, and how to respect the boundaries of others, so that we can establish meaningful relationships lives.

Are you ready to learn from the herd?

Customized Workshops for Families, Teams, & Events

Sequoia Counselling is able to provide customized workshops based on your needs. Whether you’d like to strengthen relationships within your family, engage in corporate team-building activities, or talk about mental health or personal development at an Event, Sequoia Counselling can help! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll start planning today.

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