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Support for Women

A group of diverse women sitting on a staircase. We are here to support each other, learn from each other, and take care of each other.

As women, we’re often taught from a young age that we need to be able to do it all – cook, clean, raise children, look beautiful, have a successful career, be a good friend, maintain a supportive relationship, entertain, stay physically active, take care of our parents, volunteer, etc…. These expectations, albeit noble, can sometimes be unrealistic. But that doesn’t stop us from skipping lunch or postponing our doctor’s appointment because something else needs to be done.

Then in moments when we’re not able to keep with it all, we may be left feeling inadequate or as though we should be doing more or better. We may feel unhappy, resentful, or as though we’re going the motions without enjoying life. Although we’re already functioning at super-woman-super-human level and neglecting our own needs for those of others, it doesn’t feel like enough. We feel as though the expectation is that we somehow muster up even more energy to get things done. Let’s be honest – it’s exhausting and you’re exhausted. There’s just not enough time in the day/week/month to get it all done. It’s hard to make it as a woman in today’s world and all of the pressures and barriers that we face are real.

How can Sequoia Counselling help?
A mom holding her daughter. Balance work and home life can be challenging. You're not alone.

Together we can look at all of the expectations that you’re feeling bombarded by and where they come from. Then, using a variety of therapeutic approaches, we can take a look at the expectations that are in line with your values and those that are not. We work toward prioritizing the goals that are most important to you, while also balancing your responsibilities and self-care. Maybe you want to work on your relationship, find more time for activities that you enjoy, be more efficient at work, feel less stressed, or feel more confident in yourself. Next we will brainstorm obstacles that stand in your way and make a plan for addressing these obstacles. Sometimes small changes in our thoughts, perspectives and behaviours can significantly reduce our stress levels and help us to manage conflicting responsibilities. As you learn to live more authentically and in line with your values, you’ll feel happier and more fulfilled.