Find Purpose by Reconnecting with Your Authentic Self

Be Yourself: Live Life Authentically, Love Yourself & Love Your Life!

In a world of conflicting expectations, it’s easy to get so caught up trying to be who we think we should be that we lose touch of who we are. This can create confusion inside of us and sometimes lead to unhappiness or a lack of fulfillment. On the outside it may look like everything is okay:  You may have a wonderful family, a good job and supportive friends, and not necessarily understand why you’re not happy. Maybe you feel like an imposter. Other times we may be struggling in these areas and aren’t sure how to be more true to ourselves. Often, we repeat old relational patterns that we learned in childhood and it can be difficult to let go of these lessons that no longer serve us and try something new.

A gentleman finding solace by a lake. Live according to your true purpose.

At Sequoia Counselling we take a strengths-based approach to supporting you. We recognize that we are all genuinely unique individuals, and work with you to find out who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what you need to live to your potential. We explore your values, beliefs, interests, and needs to determine what you may be able to take in order to feel happier and more fulfilled. This may involve recognizing and challenging some outdated childhood beliefs and patterns, learning to advocate for your needs, becoming more assertive, learning to set appropriate boundaries, learning to let your guard down, or other lessons depending on what your specific needs are.  

Personal development and challenging conventional belief systems can take courage. Learning to balance our needs and expectations with those of others can be challenging. Sometimes we don’t feel like we’re worth it. Sometimes we link our value as person to what we can or have accomplished, rather than who we are. For example, if I can get a good job, find a relationship, have a child, win the race, etc… Then I will be good enough. We hope to help you understand that you can be a good enough without having to perform. People will value you for who you are, if you can just have the courage to be who you are.

A girl hugging herself. Love yourself!

At Sequoia Counselling, we are here to support you in finding your personal power and living your life authentically. Personal empowerment is the ability and courage to stand up for what we believe in and make decisions based on our own values, beliefs, intuition, and sense of knowing. Authenticity, is the ability to believe in yourself, live according to your true self (rather than who others tell you that you should be), and let your light shine. When we learn to exercise our personal power in a genuine and heartfelt way, and live according to our true nature, we often feel as though we have a sense of purpose, and thus feel happier and more fulfilled.