Therapy for Men

A man looking out a window as though he's pondering a question. You're not alone. Support is available.

Men face unique stressors and conflicting expectations in today’s world. There is an expectation to be manly, but not too manly… flexible, but not a push over… protective, but not angry… decisive, but not controlling… assertive, but not aggressive… funny but not offensive. There is an expectation to be a provider and also be present as a partner and parent. You may have been brought up in an environment where you were taught to mask and hide your emotions to avoid being seen as weak. However in today’s society, and as we learn more about mental health, men are being challenge to learn how to express their emotions and this may feel foreign and uncomfortable at first.

Sometimes these conflicting expectations can leave you feeling as though we can’t do anything right. Like no matter how hard we work to try to get everything done, it’s never good enough. If we don’t learn to manage and balance these expectations, it can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, lonely, discouraged, or even depressed.

A gentleman playing  his guitar on a bench. Men's mental health matters too. Engage in activities that you enjoy.

At Sequoia Counselling, we want you to know that we’re here to help you navigate these expectations and learn how to connect with and live by your own values and beliefs. What is important to you? Where do these expectations come from for you? How can you meet the expectations of others while also be true to yourself?

A hoodie that reads "Boys get sad too." Help is available. You don't have to go through this alone.

If you’re looking for support in one of these areas, or with another topic, give us a call. If we’re not able to assist, we will do our best to connect you with someone who can.

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