Meet Nicole

Nicole Davis is the owner and director of Sequoia Counselling. She is a registered social worker (MSW, RSW), who has had the privilege of providing counselling and psychotherapy services to children, youth, and adults since 2010.

Nicole holding a wooden sign that says "Welcome to Sequoia Counselling."

Nicole’s therapeutic approach is multi-systemic and strength-based. She strives to get to know each individual for who they are from a holistic perspective. She draws from a number of therapeutic modalities, including attachment therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behaviour (CBT), narrative therapy, and grief counselling. Her approach is trauma-informed and she is qualified to practice the regulated act of psychotherapy using evidence informed treatment strategies. She also incorporates mindfulness and meditation exercises into her practice. She adapts her clinical approach, drawing from different modalities, to meet the individual needs of those that she works with.  

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Nicole is passionate about helping others and naturally fell into the therapeutic role. She has had the privilege of a breadth of experience working with people of all ages, in a variety of settings, and with a variety of therapeutic challenges and goals. Nicole’s gift is her ability to genuinely listen to what her clients are experiencing, convey understanding and validation, and work with clients collaboratively to assess their needs and develop a plan for meeting their goals. Her innate ability to empathize with clients and see situations from multiple perspectives allows her to be creative, think outside the box, and challenge traditional conventions and expectations in her work with others. She has a knack for managing complex and difficult situations calmly, and supporting others in connecting with their personal power and life’s purpose. 

In 2021, through her own experience with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Nicole met Scout, a very special horse who taught her first hand just how transformational and healing working with horses can be [Scout Story]. Horses have the ability to teach us about boundaries, leadership skills, emotion regulation, self-compassion, authenticity, assertiveness, genuine connection, and much more. Nicole was particularly amazed by how partnering with Scout and the other horses created a safe and truly nonjudgmental space where trauma survivors (and others) can learn to let down their walls to experience acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love, as they process and heal from often debilitating emotions, such as regret, guilt, anger, and shame. She recognized how valuable partnering with horses would be for her clients, particularly those who have a hard time putting feelings into words, are more tactile in nature, or prefer learning experientially. In 2022, Nicole completed an extensive Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL)® program.

Today, Nicole continues to practice traditional counselling/ psychotherapy, and has officially partnered with horses to also offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Nicole works with clients both virtually (over phone/video) and in-person, in Barrie and Innisfil, Ontario. Nicole draws from her experience and knowledge, as well as the wisdom and knowledge of her horse partners, to support clients in learning to overcome obstacles that they face, heal from past wounds, live life more authentically, and find purpose in their lives. Nicole works with women, men, youth and young adults, and has a particular interest in mental health and wellness, personal empowerment and authenticity, relational trauma and developing healthy attachments, and ASD and neurodiversity.

Embracing life exploring a waterfall in Thailand.

When she’s not working, Nicole enjoys spending time in great outdoors: Exploring, hiking, and canoeing. She enjoys travelling, working on projects, spending time with family and friends, and hanging out with the horses.

A person standing next to a giant sequoia tree, demonstrating how huge a sequoia trunk can grow to be. It's amazing our potential in the right environment.

Why Sequoia?

Sequoia trees are truly inspirational. They shatter our expectations of what a tree is and is not in a way that is almost unbelievable. They are bigger than they should be, taller than they should be, older than they should be, and more resilient than they should be according to our limited understanding of what is and isn’t possible in this world. Sequoia trees have adapted to not only protect themselves from threats, but to thrive in the face of adversity in ways we might not otherwise have imagined. They literally reach for the stars, overcoming the obstacles that get in their way. 

A picture of a sequoia tree from the ground looking up, demonstrating how tall they grow. It's amazing our potential in the right environment and if we're able to get our needs met.

Sequoia trees are often known for being so big and strong that you can literally drive a car through the middle of a giant sequoia trunk. There is a sense of power and prestige that comes with being a sequoia tree. However sequoia trees are also quite vulnerable. They require nurturing to grow. They are only able to survive and thrive in particular environments. Even in the right environment, as strong and resilient as sequoia trees are, if they fall, they are known for shattering upon impact. Sequoia trees are unable to live to their potential in the absence of a nurturing environment. They remind us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and finding balance in our lives. 

Sequoia Counselling draws inspiration from the sequoia tree, because we too want to cultivate a balanced and nurturing environment where we can all rise above and thrive in the face of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. Sequoia Counselling draws on the spirit of the Sequoia tree to nurture the inner growth, healing, and hope needed to realign with our true selves, find meaning in our lives, and live to our fullest potential.

Sequoia Fun Facts

Sequoia trees are fascinating and there is a lot we can learn from them. Test your knowledge of Sequoia trees by completing the following crossword and word search puzzles.


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What can we learn from a Sequoia Tree?

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Sequoia Vision

The goal of Sequoia Counselling is to nurture growth, healing, and hope in the moments when we feel lost, stuck, or disheartened. For if we strengthen our resiliency while continuing to preserve our ability to be genuine in our intentions, then we can learn to experience the waves of life without becoming engulfed by them.

Sequoia Mission

Sequoia Counselling provides professional counselling and psychotherapy services by creating a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures growth, healing, and hope in the hearts of those who access services, so that no one feels that they need to walk this journey alone.

Sequoia Values


At Sequoia Counselling, we understand the importance of connection. We strive to build supportive, professional, and meaningful relationships with each of our clients. We create a safe space where clients can develop and practice the skills and strategies required for fostering and maintaining genuine connections and a sense of belonging in their lives.


Healing and growth take place when there is an optimal balance between feeling safe and pushing ourselves to take calculated risks. At Sequoia Counselling, we believe that when we practice with integrity we can foster an environment where clients feel safe enough to work towards healing and growth. Integrity, in this sense, means utilizing a trustworthy, transparent, consistent, and client-centered approach in line with the profession’s code of ethics and values.


At Sequoia Counselling, we believe in being who you are and doing what you love. We strive to be authentic and genuine in the services we provide and encourage clients to strive for authenticity in their lives.  

Embracing Potential

At Sequoia Counselling, we recognize the value and potential in each person that we work with. We aim to find opportunities to overcome obstacles, and build upon individual and collective strengths and resources to support each client in recognizing and embracing their potential.

Clinical Competence

Clinical competence is maintained through ongoing self-awareness and reflection, accessing regular clinical supervision and/or consultation, and thinking critically about the work we do and services we provide. At Sequoia Counselling, we are committed to personal and professional growth and development by means of practicing self-care ourselves, staying current in the field, and taking advantage of opportunities for professional development.

Exceptional Service

At Sequoia Counselling we strive to support others along their journey towards growth, healing, and hope. This means delivering services in a professional and respectful manner and acting with the best interests of each client in mind.