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Learn to cultivate the environment and skills needed to maintain a balanced and meaningful life.


Find closure, accept what you can’t change, practice self-compassion, and learn to forgive.


Learn to believe in yourself again: Your value, your skills, your passion, and your strength.

Sequoia Counselling is a Safe, Inclusive, and Non-Judgmental Environment where you can Grow, Heal, and Learn to Live Authentically. 

Life can be really hard sometimes, but you don't need to walk this journey alone. At Sequoia Counselling, our goal is to nurture the GROWTH, HEALING, and HOPE that already exists inside of you and act as your ally on this journey. 

Sequoia Services

Individual Counselling / Psychotherapy

Someone holding someone else's hands in theirs. You don't need to walk this journey alone. Help is available.

Sequoia Coun­selling offers indivi­dual coun­­selling and psycho­­therapy for youth and adults, and family therapy for children under 12 years of age. Coun­selling involves developing a professional therapeutic relationship and collaborating to identify and define goals, recognize and build strengths, problem solve challenges, strengthen skills, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and build coping strategies. Psychotherapy utilizes evidence-informed practices to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and core beliefs, develop positive coping strategies, and treat mental health conditions. The purpose of counselling is to promote personal growth and development, wellness, and life satisfaction. 

The counsellors at Sequoia Counselling are generalists, meaning we have experience providing services to a variety of populations with a variety of needs and experiences.

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Some Common Counselling Topics include:


Grief & Loss

Mental Health

School Stress

Work/Life Balance


Coping Strategies


Anger Management

Life Transitions

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